Naturalness and quality in our meat

We bring you the best quality products of the market with the most affordable prices, in the most reliable conditions and on time.

Our Products


We have meats from Beef that have been grazed in their natural environment. Meats do not contain additional hormones or protective artificals. Our products that we offer for sale take their place in the market in four continents.

Lamb Meat

Our all-natural grazed lamb meats are breeded from local sheep farms and Our products do not contain additional hormones or artificial products.

Chicken Products

Our Chicken products are always fresh and completely provided from free-range chickens in their natural environment.

High Quality Meat

The meat parts of Angus Beef with high taste quality are specially prepared and served to you.


Our main principles are quality and naturalness

Our Products Meet the Requirements of Halal Certificate.

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